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    • On most platforms, you graze like a gazelle on the African veldt. Read, scroll, scroll, scroll, read, scroll ... you get the idea. There are users who are content-creators, and then there’s the 99% who enjoy reading their content. It’s a symbiotic relationship: creators need an audience in order to merit creating. An occasional like (👍🙌🙂 🎂) can be like throwing a seal a fish. “25 likes and 10 retweets, Oh my!”

      Cake is different.

      Most creators on Cake are indifferent to likes—they’re nice but at best a cherry on top.

      What creators want is conversation.

      • Why did you like it?

      • Do you have expertise on the topic you can share?

      • Do you disagree with the creator’s conclusions?

      Comments and replies are always welcome and encouraged for conversations on Cake.


      See the white REPLY button at the end of this post? Whenever you have thoughts or ideas to share, click that button, type your comments, and then click the publish button.

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    • Personally I'm looking for additional insight into topics that interest me, usually investing and business topics.

      “A man's life in these parts often depends on a mere scrap of information.” – Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars

      “You must offer one thing very clever . . . or two things moderately clever; or three things very dull indeed.”  – Frank Churchill in Emma by Jane Austen

      I'm looking for that scrap of information or very clever thing that provides an "Aha!"