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    • Love per se, as I came to learn over years, has a way of evolving sometimes mutating. I have so many thoughts and feelings on the topic that I feel I could write a book.. which would be intertwined with bits of my life. Since it is such a delicate topic, I do not feel we should want necessarily this conversation to become the focal point of any one person's life, not anymore than what they prefer it to be, but only perhaps to the point where it really is helpful to all and the bearer of feelings..

      But for me, it has been the past decade that has shaped my perception of love, the events in my life and persons I had met, one of them in particular. This forced me to seek deep within my self, and truly work hard to understand what has been going on, what is this that gives or takes away glitter to our lives.

      Examples abound of so called "broken" marriages, but is it really right or wrong for society to define acceptable behaviors, and force people into certain rigid relationships? I am not sure how right or wrong, but to me it does not appear to be healthy, in some cases - and I am sure you have seen this opinion, elsewhere.

      So yes, I believe analyzing love from philosophical point of life makes sense, it can help us. I believe only when we're too young we feel as if nothing needs to be explained, but once life leaves it's marks on our soul (I believe they are great both good and painful ones), we need understandings..

    • You are fortunate to have got this far without having an adverse reaction to someone !

      I would not call myself anti-social, as I enjoy the company of people a great deal. I do find, however, that my view of folk tends to polarise. Particularly as I get older, I find that there are some that I just don't even want to tolerate. This may be a feature of age, and the desire not to waste any time on things that don't truly matter.