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    • That's an interesting thought, kinda like, "a person is smart, people are stupid". Maybe something about Google+ – the face-to-face of Hangouts, the long beta period when most of us joined – created a much more personal, human connection between people, whereas FB and Twitter are more like mob-mentality, and because of that things over there can get really outta hand really fast. I loved the optimism of the vibe we created there. I guess as creators it's always something we can cultivate in our own communities through the work we do and how we communicate with our audiences, but that inherent sweetness was super special.

    • Yes, Chris, I know what you mean about the Romans being placated with bloodsport.

      I can get a little philosophical about "online sociology" here, I suppose. Negativity breeds and attracts more negative people, and of course it's the polar opposite for positivity. The negativity online (especially on Facebook) sounds a lot louder, because all the Negative Nancies have something to vociferously complain about. On the other hand, positive people generally don't comment much because everything is pretty okay in their life.

      What I notice, even more, nowadays on Facebook is that positive, optimistic people don't even use Facebook much anymore. Why dip a toe in the cesspool?

      The core problem with all the complainers out there is tied to a larger sociological issue that feeds the importance of the overall ego. People's egos create elaborate stories in their mind of how the world should work, how their lives should go, and how X person is supposed to do Y. And now, these online platforms have created a structure that supports that story and encourages them to agree with one group out of fear for another group.

      It's all quite poisonous on and individual level and dangerous on the meta-group level. Not to sound overly solipsistic, but I think the antidote to all that poison is creativity and love. I believe it's up to artists and creatives to save the world! Whenever you're listening to a transcendent song, viewing a beautiful painting, eating a ridiculously awesome meal, watching brilliant film, etc - everything totally zens out. Imagine if we could get all 8 billion people on the planet to chill the fuck out a little bit! :)

      Now, that's a rather long way of saying that G+ definitely felt like a place for all sorts of creatives: painters, chefs, dancers, photographers, performers, etc to gather as if in a Parisian salon during the artistic periods. I think of each of us as Owen Wilson's character in those scenes in Gertrude Stein's salon with everyone from Dali to Picasso to Fitzgerald from Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris."

      Now that G+ is gone, where are we all supposed to gather?