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    • Thats exactly how I felt.
      I started followingTrey on Flickr when he lived here in Austin when he was just starting the SIC brand and doing local photowalks, and my journey as a photographer was still in its infancy.
      Soon thereafter Google+ came along and Trey started doing his Variety Show, which was a glorified G+ hangout featuring a variety of artistically inclined people.
      Trey had me co-host along with Thomas Hawk and Khut quite a few times.
      To me it was a wonderland.
      Every week I'd meet and get to talk to, and mostly annoy, amazing people I'd never even heard of! By the end of the show I was fascinated by all of them, including you, Daria.
      I really was not even in league, talent-wise, with these any of these people.
      I knew. They knew it. Trey fer sure knew it.
      But, I felt so blessed to be along for the ride.
      Those were the salad days.

      The amazing part of it all was just how positive it all was. I swear it was all smiles, laughing and sharing and growing together.
      It was Social Artopia.

      You're lucky if you find a space and time like that even once in your life.
      I'm glad I was invited along and prescient enough to realize how good it was in the moment and soaked it all in.

    • I know, right Daria? “More than I’d ever been before.” Perfect words for the entire experience and the vistas it opened up. I’m certain I wouldn’t have nearly the opportunities I do now, had I not met the soaring bunch of creative marvels (like you!) that saw the window open, took the risk and leapt into a new life of our own creation. I mean, who GETS those opportunities?? I think we are blessed beyond measure that we did.. and acted upon it. I am grateful every day. Xoxoxo