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    • Maybe I need a coffee! :) I wasn't intending to be harsh at all, sorry if it came off that way! I loved using the service. And wish it would continue! My point was that it's hard for photographers to trust and use services that seem permanent and promising, only to have them killed off, or aquired and neutered.

      It makes believing the marketing hyperbole that much harder for the next start-up. "Trust us! Give us all your photos!", then boom... the dreaded "we got aquired and are ceasing operations next month". e.g. Astro Mail, I LOVED that email client... then it got bought by Slack and now it's back to the drawing board. I realize the short lifecycle is the price of admission in tech, but still, over the years it makes it hard to get excited about new innovations, spend time and effort building up a presence, or incorporating it into your daily workflow only to have it yanked away. It makes me feel a little like Charlie Brown. But the geek in me keeps falling for it!

      Is it better to have loved and lost? Or to never have loved at all. —Alfred Lord Tennyson