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    • OMG! I haven’t seen that video in so long - and I totally forgot some of that stuff until I saw it again. What a FABULOUS morning that was! I remember my intent to jump SO HIGH - then seeing the video and thinking that I had I a lonnnnng way to being the gazelle I imagined in my mind! Hahah...

      And hey, maybe Kara Swisher was blackout drunk for a couple of years. What else could explain such a perplexing statement?

      Did I just say that with my outside voice?

      PS: and full disclosure: I don’t even know who Kara Swisher is, so am not in any way, shape or form casting aspertions upon her character or drinking habits. But seriously... the folks like her who said such idiotic things about G+ (and there were many) were sans clue to such an astounding extent it just goads me into make up fictitious (or were they? We’ll never know.) reasons why for their brazen departure from actual reality. Who knows, maybe they were paid well.