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    • When the Mighty Mighty Trey Ratcliff, the autodidact of HDR digital photography and Chris "Big Papa" McCaskill come calling you got no choice but to respond, especially on a topic so relevant as the demise of Google+.

      Man, what a time. What a place.
      G+ felt like Camelot for a slice of time. So many great voices and so much talent on the cusp of stepping onto a bigger stage were gathered.

      Looking back at all the names that I became aware of, and learned from, and admired, it is incredible.

      I am going to list just some ...

      Gilmar Smith, Eustace James!, Karen Hutton, Kerry Murphy, Scott Jarvie, Vivienne Gucwa, Angela Pan, Catherine Hall, Jan Kabili, Jaime Ibarra, Jordana Wright, Jessica Lark, Al Ebnrreza, Sly Vegas, Kimberly Pemberton, RC Concepcion, Michael "Big Sexy" Bonocore, Athena Carey, Lotus Carroll, Tamara Pruessner, Kelli Seeger Kim, Gordon Laing, Cliff "Blaze" Baise, Mike Shaw, Don Komarechka, and, of course, the infamous!!

      I can go on and on.
      One thing I noticed looking back at the names was just how influential the female voice was to the Google+ experience. At least for me it felt like a real meritocracy and the women had a strong and important voice that I think is still missing online in general these days.
      There wasnt a lot of conflict or ugliness. It really felt pure and organically healthy and I think the strong female presence helped to inform those good vibes in a very real way.

      At the time it felt like G+ meant something. It was going to be something important. It felt like we had gathered at Haight and Ashbury in the 60's and good things, real things were going to spring out of it somehow.
      In the end the memories and the connections are what remain.
      Perhaps that is good enough.