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    • Remember the part in "The Social Network" where Zuckerberg is using Facebook to cheat on his art history final? He explains to Eduardo that he's posted pictures of the paintings he was supposed to write about and every few hours he makes a comment to "stir the pot" and keep the conversation going...

      Realized none of us have posted in here for a couple days so I'm stirring the pot 😜

      @treyratcliff any more questions for us?

    • Glad to see you back here, Daria. 🙂 I was wondering what to do with some other questions people asked me to ask the panel. From @louisgray :

      A successful service often needs three things: Relevance, Community and Evolution. (Simply said... being on topic, having cool people, and continuing to be updated)

      For the panelists, what drew you to G+ in the first place, and what would you have done differently?

      Disclosure for those who don't know: I work at Google and was on the initial Google+ marketing team in 2011.

      What I've seen from communities on the Web is they translate from real world connections or spawn them. Did you find that Google+ drew you to people you already knew, or did you instead find that you discovered people on the service who are part of your network today?

      (Same disclosure)