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    • I did read it. Mixed feelings. I thought much of it was too negative in tone and too self-agrandizing. In general I have a rule to try not to say negative things about others online, but some of the article felt more critical than I think appropriate. I think there were elements of truth in it though. Having spent time on campus with a lot of Googlers during that period I was aware of the way the offices of G+ were in were in an exclusive building with Larry Page with a private cafe. I was aware of how the bonuses were structured to promote Google+. Google really had gone all in. I can understand his perspective a bit I suppose but sometimes it’s easy to take potshots in hindsight.

    • Wow. That was a great read.

      Was the guy a bit self serving? Sure.

      Does he sound like Jack Black busting through the Google office like a Rhino after a sixer of Mountain Dew? Obviously. But, come on. Other than a few rando typos that was a really informative read.

      I dropped out of the Corporate scene over a decade ago because I was seeing the exact same thing I was reading right there. Grand gestures, bloated ego's holding worthless meetings and accomplishing nothing.

      It made me sick.

      I actually want to accomplish something when I go to work every day. I care about what I'm doing. So many of the people I saw rising up through the ranks were morons who just happened to excel at stroking the ego's of those over their head. They had no idea what was even happening on the floor of the company and couldn't care less.

      They all just talked constantly about their stock options and the potential worth when we went public. None of them actually cared if we were delivering on the promise of our company.

      It was depressing.

      At a corporate get away with the CEO/Founder of our company he asked me a direct question in front of a lot of important people about our new company meme. I answered honestly on why I thought it was missing the mark. He literally applauded my answer and, reluctantly, every else at the table joined in. I felt elated. It should have occurred to me that the people applauding had created the meme in the first place.

      The next morning our Regional VP pulled me aside and said that he respected my answer, but he was sure I would be fired within a month. He said, "Never answer a question that honestly again."

      The next Monday he tendered his own resignation saying that his wife wanted to move closer to her family across the country. At lunch he advised me to immediately begin looking for another job. I didn't believe him. Our CEO applauded me, man! This can't be how it is.

      But, of course, he was right. The rats were jumping off the ship and I should have jumped with them.

      With in a month I was escorted out of the building.

      So, yeah. I really appreciated that article by Morgan.