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    • Volvo's Polestar brand has announced their first all-electric car: the Polestar 2, arriving in 2020.

      With a sporty sedan form factor and a base price of around $45,000 (though only a pricier $63,000 model will be available initially), the Polestar 2 looks like the first direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The Polestar has clearly taken design cues from the Model 3's sparse interior, with a big center touch screen and few buttons.

      Tesla's lead in battery and motor tech is evident though — the Polestar 2's 78 kWh battery is larger than the Model 3's 75 kWh battery, but the Model 3 appears to use its power more effectively, achieving a 310 mile max range compared to the Polestar's 275.

      The Polestar 2 will be Volvo's first car to use a native Android-based software platform developed by Google, which will offer apps like Google Maps and can receive over-the-air updates.

      So far I haven't been able to find any info on what driver assistance or self-driving features the Polestar 2 might offer. That could be a big differentiating factor with the Model 3, which is already capable of semi-autonomous driving and should someday be capable of fully autonomous driving according to Tesla.

    • The Polestar would probably feel nothing like my 2010 Volvo...but, I can hardly wait to own a chinese financed version of a Volvo (my next will be a 2017), but, after seeing the bit on 60 Minutes Sunday night about how the Chinese are using amazing analytics to smarten up charging stations based on real-time user usage...I don't doubt this Polestar will rank in the top five electric cars in the next five years. Five years sounds like a long time when you are a kid waiting for Christmas...but, these next five years should be dramatic for car oem's and electric cars.

    • A slightly longer range than the Tesla 3, would have been a winner.

      Yeah. But I think it's going to be really difficult for any manufacturer to meet or exceed Tesla's range at a similar price point. Tesla's battery and motor tech is years ahead of everyone else and they're doing their best not to let anyone catch up.

      My guess is that in the coming years we'll see cars that can compete with Tesla's prices or Tesla's range, but not both at the same time.

    • ...after seeing the bit on 60 Minutes Sunday night about how the Chinese are using amazing analytics to smarten up charging stations based on real-time user usage...

      I didn't see that! Sounds interesting. Any chance you could summarize?

    • They interviewed an engineer as you looked at a super-sized wall monitor (maybe 50' wide by 15' tall) where you could see every Tesla real time (privacy in a particular municipality. I think it was Shanghai. So, they are processing all those analytics (and, probably selling the aggregated results) of user behavior and car usage (electricity). Obviously, they would not know that it was Yaypie on the corner of 屯溪 and Rainbow picking up some take-out...but, if you were doing nefarious activity, I am sure just a few keystrokes and they could track you. Warrant required, NO! hahahah