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    • ...after seeing the bit on 60 Minutes Sunday night about how the Chinese are using amazing analytics to smarten up charging stations based on real-time user usage...

      I didn't see that! Sounds interesting. Any chance you could summarize?

    • They interviewed an engineer as you looked at a super-sized wall monitor (maybe 50' wide by 15' tall) where you could see every Tesla real time (privacy in a particular municipality. I think it was Shanghai. So, they are processing all those analytics (and, probably selling the aggregated results) of user behavior and car usage (electricity). Obviously, they would not know that it was Yaypie on the corner of 屯溪 and Rainbow picking up some take-out...but, if you were doing nefarious activity, I am sure just a few keystrokes and they could track you. Warrant required, NO! hahahah