I think of this as such an old disease but many thousands of people still die from it today.

"Tuberculosis has now surpassed AIDS as the world’s leading infectious cause of death, and the so-called XDR strain is the ultimate in lethality. It is resistant to all four families of antibiotics typically used to fight the disease."

It is usually just a death sentence.

That is why it is so exciting to read this article.

The amazing news is that in the new study the drug regimen has shown a 90 percent success rate against the deadly plague, extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Regular treatment was up to 40 pills per day and injections for up to two years. And the side effects can be so awful that patients drop out or think of suicide.

But the new treatment is only 5 pills a day for six months and with such a success rate is a much more compelling option for the patients.