One of my favorite dishes in the entire world is Migas Tacos. Deceptively simple - a scrambled blend of eggs, refried tortilla chips, various bell peppers and cheese - they are the ultimate comfort food.

Whenever I visit Austin, Texas, I try to visit as many tacquerias and restaurants as possible to try their Migas and review. As of 2019, here's the latest must-visit list:

- Tacos Veracruz, who's been reviewed as having one of the top tacos in the entire United States

- TacoDeli, which is very vegetarian and vegan friendly, as well as having multiple locations

- Con Madres Tacos is next on my list - apparently they are so good that they're worth driving to. Word is to get a Madres Migas Taco a Mexicana for the optimal experience.

There are so many more to try, but for the 361 or so days a year that I can't be in Austin, Texas to get the world's best breakfast tacos, I can always try to make my own at home. There are a ton of recipes online, even vegan Migas, but I struck up a conversation with former Austin restauranteur Carl Schweikert and he shared his secret Migas recipe that he guarantees will be delicious perfection.

In Carl's own words:

Migas is one of the easiest things in the world to make. Get a baking sheet, crumble up your tortilla chips, put them on a sheet pan, and place them in the oven to warm them up - you're not trying to toast them or brown them, just warm 'em up. In the meantime, on your pan, put on eggs to scramble on medium low heat. As they cook, start to gently stir them a bit, and adjacent in the pan put your chunky salsa, and heat both slowly and together. As the salsa starts to warm, add the tortilla chips that have been toasted and crumbled in the oven, then mix it all together. You can serve as-is, or add cheese to your liking. My personal preference is to place an American cheese slice on the tortilla so it melts under the Migas mixture when you serve. And as for tortillas, you can use regular store-bought flour tortillas. Take them out of package, run them under a running tap for literally a second to add moisture, then place 'em on a low medium heat sauteed pan to warm them up gradually. And that's it!

If you're a Tex-Mex fan and have any recipes to share - would love to hear them!