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    • Regrets, we all have them, some are small, some are big, some are life changing. Do you have something you regret that affected your lifestyle for a while maybe a decade or more? or are you working towards resolving 'that situation'?

      Maybe a something you regret not doing and now a decade or more later you still think about it but haven't done anything to resolve it, even though you know you could?

      For me, a stressful business sale caused me to have have a stroke and go 100% blind at 42, luckily only for a short time, but then stay partially blind for months. During that time I was regretting not getting out more, seeing more, not using my photography more, being engrossed in business and not living a full life.

      As my sight returned I vowed to change and around two years later with renewed perfect vision I left home on a trip to see more of the world and appriciate my surroundings more, that was March 2011, and I am still on that trip.


    • #3 I think would be a common one nowadays, social media has made us more susceptable to others feelings over our own, much too often IMO.

      Dopamine highs from 'likes' are a real thing and was interesting to hear Simon Sinek talk about and watch a crowd of millenials react

    • Huh. My two big ones are not on the list: things I tried that didn't succeed, and the travails of mental illness in my family. I think a lot of people would say risks they took that they wish they hadn't.

    • The truth is I can't really think of any big regret. In fact I can't even think of a small regret. I took a lot of risks in my life (though never recreational drugs) and tried to be true to myself. Sometimes I guess I've been known to hang on too long to a relationship that's gone bad but then I don't want to regret giving up too soon without trying. I don't regret the relationships I've had and treasure my memories. Research has found that humans tend to soften their memories of the bad times though we can increase the emotional impact of a bad experience if we keep reliving it in our minds. No regrets.

    • My biggest regret is not doing well in school and not getting a higher education. Many things contributed to it and I never got myself in a position to change my direction. Spent my life working at whatever I could get a job in, if I had to work extra hours or a second job to make ends meet, I did. I certainly haven't spent my work life doing what I love but it has paid for what I love doing, as long as I do it on the cheap.

    • funny I just read this and earlier today I met a guy riding his motorcycle thru South America and carrying a ukulele, I find it a unique choice of instrument becasue when i was growing up there was an English comedy actor who was known for his playing, George Formby.

      I think if you put your heart into it you could persevere, I really wished similar to you, but my choice would have been the piano.

    • As far as material life goes I do not regret anything, on the contrary. As far as life experiences go, I love to think it ain't over yet. I see regrets linked to unfulfilled wishes, yet the longer we live, the more our wishes change. I wonder why or why not we should have fixed wishes..