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    • @tomslatin I thought of another point in our conversation.

      Although I am not familiar with the lyrics, I am under the impression that the song "Material Girl" is the opposite of what you referred to as minimalism and when the singer refers to herself as living in a material world that she is referring to the accumulation of wealth and not to a philosophy which denies the metaphysical.

      Again, I do agree with you that minimalism is probably a better term, I was merely pointing out that the way that materialism or materialistic is used in common parlance is not necessarily what a philosopher might mean when he advocates materialism.

    • If we want to include metaphysical posessions in this conversation, then one who has an excess of thoughts, ideas, visions, or memories might be considered to be materialistic in a metaphysical sense, if one can assume that materialism doesn't apply exclusively to tangable or measurable objects.