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    • I've definitely seen a decline in the effectiveness of social media advertising but that seems to be the case with almost every form of paid advertising to some degree. I think people are just getting better at tuning it out which means we have to work harder and harder at standing out.

      I'm looking at those freak frappes and they are blowing my mind...

    • I wonder if that means uniqueness: figuring out something to offer that people can't get from Kroeger's so you stand out, making people more likely to talk about you. 

      Our downtown has several universities. One of the area bakeries has an after midnight cookie delivery to the dorms. There’s a huge painted sign on the front of the building and visiting parents take notice and place online orders when they return home. Why send a care package when you can have cookies delivered that night while they’re studying?

      I wonder if there are unique delivery services that Flo could provide, like delivering flowers to your work on your anniversary: if you end up having to work late, you don’t show up home empty handed.

    • Last night I stayed up very late editing an interview Victoria and I did with Larry Abitbol, the founder of Bay Photo. The story is he had just turned 50 and owned 8 photomat 1-hour processing labs in malls and parking lots, as did hundreds of mom & pops in the early 2000s.

      The first problem is the drugstores started getting into it like Longs and Walgreens. The second is digital photography came on the scene so you didn't have to physically drop off your negatives, you could send your pictures over the Internet.

      He scrambled to build out an online ordering site and lab that could handle digital files, and get the word out in ways that @jim was suggesting. We'll publish his interview when we get the Q&As working with panel conversations in a week or two so you can ask him questions, but now he's 500 employees and has taken over the huge Seagate building in Scott's Valley — all done without raising capital from investors.