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    • Riding a big bike anywhere but pavement can sometimes be a little daunting, with all that added weight you really need some grip.

      I have tried a bunch of different tires on lots of different bikes and wrote a very detailed article about that a while back - ADVENTURE TIRES – ‘MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES’

      The one tire that's not in that review is the MotoZ Tractionator ADV front for a big bike, in a 19 inch, the tire shown below.

      This tire I found to be confidence inspiring, in the dirt, and also have great grip on the pavement. A very good all round, classed as 25% Road – 75% Off-Road it does what it says.

      Don't think that due to the extra grip you will get crazy distance if just used on the pavement, this WILL NOT happen, it will wear faster than expected, use it where it was designed for primarily in the dirt.

      The thing you will notice straight away is the amount of tread depth for a big bike front rubber, set your air pressure accordingly and enjoy the added grip and confidence it will give you.

    • Hey Paul, I'm curious since you mentioned it, what pressures do you prefer to run on the Tenere? As a side note, I recently got a set of Dunlop Trailmax Mission and they seem to handle great, so far. It's apparently a new tire competing for the big ADV bike 50/50 market.

    • Awesome! I'll see how long mine last, if they come within no less than -20% life, or closer to Heidenau (which I've been using exclusively for the past 120,000 miles), it's a winner because I see you like them too. Imho they seem to handle much better new (than the k60s), I'll see how that changes with some wear. Thank you for pointing to the article.