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    • If you told me 6 months ago I'd be using an iPhone for photos I would probably would have said you have been sniffing glue.

      But since my 6s died (and subsequently came back to life - but that's another story ) and I upgraded to the 11 Pro I've actually used it on a few gigs.

      A lot of the detail shots of the bikes in a few of my recent articles are from the phone. They are Publication quality - for straightforward technical shots. Excellent clarity.

      The main image is from the Nikon, but the insets are from the phone - and there a half-a-dozen in the piece.

      The other thing I find quite impressive is its Macro ability. Plonk it down next to the subject and press the button - and the image integrity is quite surprising.

      This is full res:

      And then hand-held night shots - quite incredible too. Last night laps of the park.

      It won't replace the big cameras for serious work while the DOF and Bokeh is software, but pretty impressive up to there.

      Definitely use something like this too. Hardened glass, sticks on.
      My buddy has a good fone and he has scratched the lens to bits with the keys in his pocket.

    • I'm surprised at how much I have enjoyed the camera on my latest phone.

      While my preferred camera is still a camera, I have been very happy with the cameras in my Samsung Galaxy S10.

      The photos in this conversation were taken with the S10:

    • You know, I’ve seen filmmakers love on the iPhone when they use Filmic Pro, which lets them shoot 24 FPS and 4K video at 100 mbps data rate. Damn.

      So I got Filmic and a 3-axis stabilizer and I get just okay sort of video. This really helped me understand why: