Writing prompt:

A funny thing happened on the way to ...

Writing challenge:

Using the above writing prompt, create a micro-fiction short story.


A funny thing happened on the way to the dentist. I needed gas and while I was filling up at the petrol station I started to hear a voice telling me to buy a lottery ticket. I bought a scratcher and won five dollars. I used part of the five dollars to buy a candy bar. On the drive to the dentist, I bit into the candy bar and almost broke my tooth. There was a safe deposit box key inside the candy bar. I went to my local bank and the key unlocked a box that had been unopenable for thirty years. Inside were plans to build a time machine. I spent the next twenty years learning science and engineering in order to build the machine. It cost me all of my savings and my marriage. I went back in time to right before I bit into the safe deposit box key and instead threw the candy bar out the window. Everything went kinda pear-shaped after that until the Time Police stepped in and resolved the paradox. I still haven’t figured out where that voice came from that started the whole thing.