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    • First of all, I run a site for freelancers called Millo where we've been blogging for about a decade. So I love working with freelancers and entrepreneurs. And I'm a huge podcast listener myself.

      When podcasting really starting gaining a resurgence 4 or 5 years ago, I noticed a couple of things: first of all I loved some of the more popular Narrative-driven shows like This American Life. Secondly, I noticed that the majority of new and old business shows focused primarily on tech startups with millions in funding and most of them were produced strictly in an interview format.

      I decided I wanted to take the more narrative style I liked so much and combine it with telling stories of small companies—usually bootstrappers or freelancers who have grown their business to be bigger than just themselves.

      That’s how the show was born and it’s been quite a ride. We’re in the middle of Season 6 right now and we’ve had some incredible stories to tell—both with people you’ve heard of before and others who are quietly building businesses that support themselves, their families, their lifestyles and their passions.