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    • Well, as I mentioned, we've been running Millo for 10 years (celebrating 10 years this month actually!) So, over that time we've made a lot of really great connections.

      But in addition to our own network, we also try to listen to other podcasts, read lots of content online, and pay attention to who freelancers/solopreneurs are talking about. Then we'll just reach out and ask if there's any interest. We get a pretty positive response—and it seems to get a bit easier the more you've had more notable people on the show.

      Also, our partnership with the Podglmerate has connected us with some cool people and helped us grow which improves visibility and our ability to find cool stories.

      We do try to focus on a mix of well-known guests and guests without a large following or reputation since our goal is also to provide realistic inspiration as well. There are thousands of people running really cool small businesses—but they don't bother to build a personal brand online.

      I love it when we find those folks.