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    • Yes. I've read Paul's book and it's absolutely amazing. A must-read for anyone who is their own boss.

      Honestly, I've seen both sides of the aisle on this one. There are lots of freelancers who simply enjoy the work they do and don't want to be ordered around by someone else. Writers, designers, consultants, marketers, etc etc. The list goes on forever. These people are most content when they're working in their business. When they're doing the work that pays the bills, so to speak. Their perfect-world scenario is to design or write or whatever day in and day out.

      Then there are freelancers who start off thinking they want to spend all their time designing, marketing, writing, illustrating. After a while, they realize they enjoy building their business as much as (or more than) they enjoy doing the actual work of their business. These freelancers tend to hire more quickly and build systems into their freelance businesses.

      We'll soon have Brian Casel on the show who talks about about systems and processes that allow freelancers to "productize" their businesses and remove themselves from it almost completely.

      Both Brian and Paul are entrepreneurs who I admire colossally. Neither approach is necessarily better than the other. Each one simply satisfies the wishes of the person who's building it.

      My belief is, regardless of what kind of work you do, you should be able to build a business that makes you happy. There are as many different ways to do that as there are entrepreneurs on this planet.