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    • Internet here in the land of Google and Apple pretty much sucks because Comcast so I signed up for Elon’s StarLink beta. They expect beta testing will start in northern North America and Canada, apparently with speeds of 100mbps down and 40 up.

      Who’s in? Apparently when they get all the satellites deployed next year, some people will be able to get 1 gigabit speeds. 😛

    • Here's hoping the beta testing gives you a good connection...

      I was very happy to switch from Comcast to Verizon Fios. Initially it had different upload and download speeds but the speeds have been matched for quite a while now. I currently have 100 Mbps up and down.

    • I live in a place where one cannot even get cable internet service. There are satellite services but they have issues.

      I signed up for the beta some time ago, but I think that the rural areas in northern states will get to sign on before rural Florida gets to sign on.

    • Musk is polluting near Earth space with his micro satellites. Not only he is shooting lots of junk into space, his space trains ruin the sky for astronomers and whoever else wants to look in the sky. Really hate him for that.

    • It's funny how today there are complaints about plastic pollution. But I/we won't be here anymore to contend with little satellites gone planetary junk.