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    • On Saturday evening, I posted a link to a blog article concerning the development of the Windows 3.0 version of the writing software "Scrivener."

      That post does not show up when "All" is selected from the main page.

      A few hours ago, I added a response in which I flagged @Chris.

      Since the people who work on Cake are usually very quick to respond to a flag, I am wondering if that conversation is muted or blocked in such a way that no notifications are passed on.

      Here is the URL to the conversation in question:

    • Hi Shewmaker,

      Thanks for the question and sorry I missed your post in the other conversation.

      Yes, we have the ability to hide conversations from all and we sometimes do it when we judge the conversation to be so specialized as to be primarily interesting to people who follow a certain tag. For example, we always hide conversations tagged with Delta CS Classes from all.

      I had judged Scrivner as being specialized like that. Did I get it wrong?

    • My own experience with Scrivener users suggests that its usage is extremely diverse. It is used by PhD candidates, by Attorneys, by Screen Writers, by Novelists, by Genealogists, by Role Playing Game designers, by Bloggers, and the list could go on and on.

      If someone doesn't engage in writing projects, they would not have any interest in it.

      The article also has a very interesting discussion of how the Windows developer is having to create tools for the Windows version that are pre-packaged by Apple. The developer expresses the opinion that some of what he is making might not be in any other Windows software.

      We've had to build our own Dictionary & Synonym engines, Emoji
      functionality, we even built our own version of the Mac only Menu Search
      functionality (so useful for finding where something sits in the menu
      structure). To the best of my knowledge we're the only Windows software
      to offer that. The list is actually really long as to all the bespoke
      stuff we've had to build from scratch that Mac devs just get out of the

      I personally think that it would be a mistake to isolate this conversation but I am not the community moderator and its your call not mine.

    • we always hide conversations tagged with Delta CS Classes from all.

      Just curious, as I kept seeing those then they disappeared, does that equate to them being a private group now or it's all gone?

    • All of the conversations are still public and anyone following that specific topic (Delta CS) sees them in their “For You” feed. So it isn’t really a private group, just hidden from the all feed to reduce the noise.

      We are still experimenting with this format (ultra-specific topic) as it behaves like a public group.

    • maybe ‘all’ should be renamed to ‘discover’if it’s not going to show all. Seems to me that people will browse ‘all’ in order to discover new things in any case.

    • If a new subject does not appear in All, how are we supposed to know it even exists or follow it? I find it confusing that All doesn't include everything.

    • There seem to be valid cases where a conversation isn't meant to be followed by the public.

      The "Delta CS classes" has been brought up as an example. In that case, probably ill-advised users are creating posts that really aren't conversation starters, and which should have been posted on some blog or internal forum instead. It is a good thing, in my opinion, to not display these posts to some general public.

      I can see the same point be made for a post that consists solely of an external link, without even a single sentence stating why that link should be opened, or what exactly a following conversation might be about.

      It might be good to add a statement somewhere that "All" means "All posts that are actually useful to potentially start a public conversation", if that's the case.