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    • All of the conversations are still public and anyone following that specific topic (Delta CS) sees them in their “For You” feed. So it isn’t really a private group, just hidden from the all feed to reduce the noise.

      We are still experimenting with this format (ultra-specific topic) as it behaves like a public group.

    • maybe ‘all’ should be renamed to ‘discover’if it’s not going to show all. Seems to me that people will browse ‘all’ in order to discover new things in any case.

    • If a new subject does not appear in All, how are we supposed to know it even exists or follow it? I find it confusing that All doesn't include everything.

    • There seem to be valid cases where a conversation isn't meant to be followed by the public.

      The "Delta CS classes" has been brought up as an example. In that case, probably ill-advised users are creating posts that really aren't conversation starters, and which should have been posted on some blog or internal forum instead. It is a good thing, in my opinion, to not display these posts to some general public.

      I can see the same point be made for a post that consists solely of an external link, without even a single sentence stating why that link should be opened, or what exactly a following conversation might be about.

      It might be good to add a statement somewhere that "All" means "All posts that are actually useful to potentially start a public conversation", if that's the case.