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    • I've only just started to exercise regularly again after years of dormancy. I'm nearing my 40's and recalled a saying about how you set the habits that will sustain you while you're young (or something to that effect) and I took a look at my habits and knew something had to change. Like everyone else, one day you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and wonder, 'Is this how I'm going to look for the rest of my life?'
      Also, as a former black belt (haven't practiced in over a decade. Wait a minute, it's 2019 now. Crap, make that two decades.) I missed my youthful flexibility and pushing my body to see how it could perform.
      So, I've taken on the enormous task of changing my daily routines in hopes of improving myself. Hopefully this year I'll prove to myself that I've still got it. Whatever 'it' is.

    • I’m not sure that question applies to me, because I don’t think I ever stopped exercising.

      I’m in my mid thirties and have been active all my life. I’ve had to “begin again” plenty of times after injury, illness, childbirth, etc. but the need to move is just in my DNA and I don’t feel as well when I’ve been sedentary.