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    • I’m not sure that question applies to me, because I don’t think I ever stopped exercising.

      I’m in my mid thirties and have been active all my life. I’ve had to “begin again” plenty of times after injury, illness, childbirth, etc. but the need to move is just in my DNA and I don’t feel as well when I’ve been sedentary.

    • Growing up I was the scrawny, weak kid that didn't eat much. When pubery hit my weight got normal but I was skinny-fat and still very weak. I never liked sports or any form of exercise; I didn't even know how to ride a bike. Despite all that, I was kind of agressive and secretly enjoyed getting into fights (I never started them, for the record.)

      At around age 13-14 I got a friend who was very athletic and relatively strong even though he was a bit younger than me. I had a huge crush on him and wanted to be around him and be like him so I learned how to ride a bike the day after I first met him and made it my goal to not be a weakling anymore, because I wanted to be able to do what he and the rest of his friend group (which became my friend group) did. I started Googling things like "how to get stronger", "how to do a pull-up" etc, I started attending kickboxing classes, spent many hours researching nutrition and working out.

      So yeah, that's why I started excerising and I'm really glad I did :)