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    • Ramez Naam, Microsoft alum and the author of the excellent Nexus trilogy (highly recommended, BTW) has an excellent article (started as a Twitter thread) on how to efficiently and effectively go about decarbonizing the world.

      This is essential reading.

    • Ramez Naam is amazing and that article was maybe the best I've ever read on how to tackle the problem. The most compelling was in the beginning where he pointed out that solar & wind are now the cheapest form of energy, they have bipartisan support, and they are popular among voters of every income and geography in America.

      The hardest part for me was agriculture & industrial where he hardly touched on the possibilities of eating less meat or consuming less single-use plastic. The hopeful in me dreams of it becoming more popular to embrace eating more plants and using less plastic, but he's probably right; it's too emotional an issue and the more practical thing is to figure out how to raise animals and produce plastics with less environmental impact.

      I'm more concerned than he seems to be about tying The Green New Deal too closely to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She's very new, I don't know how much in-depth knowledge she has about environmental tech, and I fear she's opened up attack vectors by blocking Amazon from New York, using the word socialist, etc.

      I think he's absolutely right about making wind & solar one thing — which has bipartisan support in every income group — and not tying it to other liberal social policies which are polarizing.

    • It was a project to read because it's long and makes you think, but that was the best thing I've read this week even though I got a little bit lost near the end when he got into other emissions beyond methane and carbon.