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    • Nice ride. Long! Century+. What are the roads like in Taiwan for a road cyclist? Are cars a big issue? Is road cycling much of a thing there?

      That looks like a Brooks leather saddle...

    • Yes, it is a Brooks saddle, the Team Pro model. One of these days I'll get a Cambium as I've heard lots of great things about them, but for now I don't need a new one so I don't have an excuse to buy one.

      The roads in Taiwan are great for cycling. They'll all paved and for the most part in good condition. The mountains are never too far away, so it's very easy to both see some great scenery and do some climbing. While traffic is bad in Taiwan, drivers here are used to small vehicles like bicycles and scooters off to the side of the roads, and many people riding those are old, so, despite what you might think, riding on the roads is not dangerous or scary at all. Most drivers are also very patient and considerate with scooter and bicycle riders.

      It's hard to say if cycling is popular here or not. There was a big boom about ten years ago but that has tapered off in the past six or seven years. Still, on a Sunday morning, for example, you can see all kinds of cyclists on the road. But I think for the most part the general populace doesn't really understand or know about road cycling. When I talk about riding a bike to my students, I don't think they really understand what I am talking about. To a lot of people here riding a bike means taking a leisurely ride to the store, the park, or school.