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    • Yea! If you liked the Red / Blue / Yellow you will definitely like this one. I never played Yellow but from what I understand it is basically identical in terms of story / map layout. And Yellow was a carbon copy of Red / Blue but you start with Pikachu instead of the normal 3 starting pokemon.

      I think my least favorite thing about the older games was having to grind wild pokemon, and you would constantly run out of PP from doing that too. Now it's all about aiming and throwing pokeballs. If you are in handheld mode you use tilt control like zelda to aim, and if you are in console mode you swing the joycon in the direction you want to throw.

      It's the same 150(1?) pokemon from the original too, which is fun to remember a lot of the old ones. Some of the newer types are in there, like a couple of the electric are also steel (I don't think steel was in the original?). You can also trade some of the originals for their variations, like you can trade an original geodude (rock/ground) for the variant (electric/rock).