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    • Now this is an amazing comment haha I like how you think and a lot of the things that you're saying. I would love to get on a ten min call with you and get an even better understand of which platforms you like etc etc but this is awesome anyway. So from what you see so far... you notice that certain places have each of these options but not all of them? And which platforms do you usually use if you dont mind me asking

    • I don't live in the US so we'd have to coordinate time zones. But sure! I'd love to get a on call. This is a very interesting topic. I am based in Dubai. Maybe let's target the weekend?

      I am on a fair few networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Parler, Vero, MeWe and Ello. It comes from being curious and trying out new stuff. But I mostly consume content there, barring the occasional post on Instagram. As a kid I was really active on Facebook but that phase is over. I don't seek validation from people anymore.

      And no, I don't know of any network that has everything I want. I am not even sure that's possible or viable.

      The only network I actually engage the most in is Cake. I love the fact that people aren't chasing likes or followers. The conversation thread is more important than the people commenting on it.

      This place also has the kind of people I'd enjoy a conversation with :)

    • awesome yeah cake is pretty cool haha how about this saturday? I'm free whenever so you can pick a time because I know you're in a different timezone haha

    • Welcome to Cake, @ngrant123! There have been a ton of great comments in here, so I won’t rehash anything already said. What I would add is what I’ve liked about Cake is its clear message and purpose: To have better, troll-free conversations online. So, whatever platform you come up with, make sure you have a clear focus and purpose. And that you communicate that to people. People need to know why your social media platform is unique and different from a platform they are already on.

    • A good social network should be easy and accessible from anywhere on any device.

      It's the reason that people love FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Quick and easy signup, nothing technical or complicated, and then they can access it from wherever they are on whatever device they have to hand.

      It's also the reason that I'm here posting on Cake after trying out about 15 different 'alternative' social networks during the last week for an article I'm writing and dismissing most of them incredibly quickly.

      People care about privacy but they don't all want the complication of something like Disapora, they have to start selecting nodes, etc. and just drop out before they even get signed up.