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    • Remisicent of the Twilight Zone, Tales from the Loop is about a company town where the strange and magical exist. Changing lives with another, stopping time, the series explores the consequences when unknown technology is used.

      Unlike the disconnected episodes of the Twilight Zone, or other anthologies like The Ray Bradbury Theater also on Prime, each episode of Tales from the Loop includes the same characters in multiple episodes. A periphery character in one character’s story becomes the main story in a future episode.

      I’ve been impressed by the fine writing and by the lack of plot or logic holes that can pervade science fiction “What if ...” explorations.

      Things you might not know if you are already watching? Each episode was directed by a different director. The eigth episode, “Home,” was directed by Jodie Foster.

    • I have watched 4 so far, and would recommend the series. It is gentle, and low-impact, but with a strange beauty that is so fragile that you do not want to look away in case the moment breaks. Quite captivating, and a delightful rest from other frenetic alternatives.

      Best watched alone, I find. It is somehow a very private, personal experience, like being read a story that is for you only.

      The piano soundtrack hits the perfect tone.

    • I find these recommendations interesting - I watched the first episode of "Tales from the Loop" with no expectations whatsoever - knew nothing about the series - and found little of interest, I didn't even watch the 2nd episode.

      I will have to start over, and see if I can find what you all are seeing that I missed.

      I just finished season 3 of "Border Town, a Finnish police drama with the male lead a very lean, tall buzz cut individual who is very clearly slightly unusual - but with a very sharp mind with a photographic memory. The Finn's seem to like firearms and knives a lot.

      I have watched a number of police dramas from Scandinavia over the last few years, Norwegian, Swedish, Icleandic, Finnish, and they often have a very dark tone about humanity - I think maybe its the long dark winters....

      "Border Town" has some of the same dark tones in its story lines, but it is hard to turn away from for me. It had a successful three seasons in Finland.

    • The other day I finished an accumulation of short films I had accumulated on Prime over the past six months. In a lot of ways, each episode of Tales from the Loop—at least for the first three episodes I’ve watched—can be watched independently of the others. Meaning you could conceivably watch them out of order, or randomly pick one as your first episode to watch, and still enjoy it.

      Although I’ve enjoyed every episode that I’ve seen, the second episode, imho, is the best episode so far.

    • It sounds conceptually a little bit similar to Eureka which started airing in 2006.

      A company town, Eureka is dedicated to scientific achievement and plagued by experiments gone awry.

    • Those trailers were blocked for viewing in the US.

      Found a copy on YouTube and it looks similar in a hilarious sort of way, I shall have to see if the series is available on streaming. 🙏

    • I have 3 episodes to go.......looking forward to it.

      Also re-watching the first series of The Umbrella Academy, before series 2 drops in July. Highly recommended if you have not already seen it...

    • I watched all of them and they were mostly pretty standard fairy tales, in the Rip Van Winkle / Weird Tales sense. The major difference, the thing that made it "literary," was that unlike genre fiction, there was a self-conscious attempt NOT to make the characters more articulate or more exciting or more bad-ass than real people would be. There are a lot more awkward silences than snappy banter.

    • You know, I think those awkward pauses are what made it so effective as a drama: it’s those small touches of realness that set it apart from most other series. I hadn’t thought of that detail while watching, so thank you for pointing it out.