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    • Just returned from 11 days trip to northern areas of Pakistan. this time i was roaming in valleys and villages in the neighborhood of K2 and many other exotic mountains ( a lot of data to process). I took 50min flight to Skardu from Islamabad. I reserved window seat on right of the aircraft to witness Nanga Perbat and Rakaposhi etc during the flight, due to flight timings i encountered sun just shining on top of these beautiful mountains and i was shooting into the sun, which also amplified all the flaws on window of aircraft and shooting through window became a challenge!

      Luckily, there were empty seats on the other side of plane too, as soon pilot announced that due to clear weather we will be able to witness pyramid shaped mountain on left of aircraft and that is the K2 just before the landing. I immediately rushed to the other side and started clicking this glorious mountain which i have only heard about or saw pictures only. In background i could hear cabin crew talking about how rare it is to have this crystal clear weather!

      I used 70-200 on EOS R zoomed to 160mm so it is quite far from the plane made some videos too will post later. I have to send this picture to mountain expert to point other famous mountains appearing in this picture, i believe Muztagh Tower and broad peak are visible as well.

    • I feel your pain, sitting by a window waiting, hoping to capture great images and then realizing the sun is too high, the window too smudged, the fates just not working with you - (I've sat in a similar seat many times) - and then --- and then --- seeing the opportunity behind you. Very well done.

      Remarkable image shot from an aircraft window - exhibiting GREAT depth of field and great clarity - very nicely noticed, AND captured, Awais.