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    • I wimped out last night and went to bed shortly after the 12th inning last night. So, tonight I was chowing on a some local fish tacos watching game four.....I had some driving to do grabbing some photos of various digital billboards I have designed and implemented for some clients. So, I went ahead and did a trial subscription of YouTube TV to watch the game. Wow, no flutter or freezing...just like watching connected television. Then, connected it to my premium sound system in my car and it was pretty impressive. Sorry, back to the game. (YES, I know this is a good habit to be driving and watching TV)

    • I've been meaning to subscribe ever since the World Cup! Just haven't had an event to force my hand lately. Glad to hear it's working for you. I've heard good things.

    • Ha! I wonder how many people do that? I have a couple of friends who did trials of 3 or 4 different services during the World Cup never to subscribe, but they enjoyed the games.