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    • I think it would be interesting to compare mobile plans. Not just to see how different people use their phones to stay connected, but also to compare the different plans available in different countries.

      In Malaysia, we have four major carriers (locally they're more commonly referred to as telcos) - Maxis, Celcom, Digi, and U Mobile. They've been around the longest and have the biggest subscriber bases. We then have newer more modern carriers who cater more towards the data-hungry and always connected generation, such as Ookyo, Tapp, and my personal choice, Yoodo.

      Yoodo is a prepaid-postpaid hybrid carrier. It's prepaid in the sense that you pay for what you will use, rather than the postpaid approach where you pay for what you've already used. But it's also a like a postpaid carrier where you pay monthly bills instead of purchasing topups as and when you need to. The biggest selling point however, is that Yoodo is possibly the most customisable mobile carrier in the country, giving users the choice of how many minutes, how many SMS, and how much data they want each month. This is different from traditional carriers who offer fixed plans with fixed amounts of minutes, SMS, and data, leaving users to choose which plan suits their needs the best.

      So with this flexibility, here's what I use. I don't have any SMS. All my texting is done via Telegram and WhatsApp, so I have no need for SMS at all. I have 50 mins worth of calls, which is usually enough to last me a month, since I don't make calls often, and I normally use only 5GB of data a month, since I have wifi at home and in the university where I spend my days. So monthly, I pay RM5 ($1.20) for 50 mins of voice calls and 5GB of data would cost RM25 ($6), bringing my monthly bill to just RM30 ($7.20).

      For the past few months though, Yoodo has been offering amazing add-on packages which allows me to get 24GB of data as an add-on for just RM32 ($7.70). So I've since removed the 5GB of monthly data and taken this add-on package instead, which means I now get 50 mins of voice calls and 24GB of data for RM37 ($8.90).

      That's what my monthly mobile plan looks like and how much I pay for it to stay connected on my smartphone. What does your mobile plan look like?

    • I recently moved from Telstra (biggest network) to Aldi a discount supermarket chain that offer phone deals on the Telstra network.

      I used to pay AUD$80.00 per month US$55.30 unlimited SMS + unlimited calls to land line numbers and mobile numbers + 8GB of data.

      I could keep my number and stay on the telstra network, which is important to me as a motorcyclist, I want the best coverage incase of an emergency.

      I now pay AUD$25.00 pm US$17.28 with 14GB of data, any remaining data each month rolls over to the next month, no limit.

      I get unlimited calls to 15 countries and 100 minutes to a further 35 countries, all countries I call are in the included countries.

      Plus unlimited local calls and SMS's

      I think it's a good deal.