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    • but here's one harsh reaction basically saying that Disney is only looking to sell merchandise, and it looks like baby Yoda has proven that

      Don’t mess with my Baby Yoda vibe. It’s what’s bringing the world closer together.

      Seriously, the lost revenue is a decimal point percentage on Disney’s annual revenue. I’d guess the marketing departments at Disney and Lucas Films were far more concerned about merchandising for The Rise of Skywalker in x days. I was holiday shopping the other night and the bookstore was fully stocked with multiple displays for the film.

      And how do you know ahead of time that Baby Yoda is going to go viral? Most people don’t have Disney+ and even die hard Star Wars fans are divided on the merits of The Mandalorian.

      Imagine if they had created merchandise and the series was a flop. Not sure they’d want an “ET: The Video Game” marketing disaster: