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    • I was surprised to read today that an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that sunk during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 has leaked millions of barrels of oil into the ocean and basically nobody's doing anything about it.

      Taylor Energy, the owner of the platform, had been trying to keep the spill secret and succeeded for six years until scientists who were studying the Deepwater Horizon spill found additional oil slicks they couldn't explain. And the company essentially no longer exists — it was sold to a group of South Korean companies in 2008 and now has only a single employee.

      With hurricanes like Ivan becoming more frequent and oil companies like Taylor Energy and BP doing everything in their power to shirk responsibility and cover up their mistakes, how can we possibly prevent problems like this? Are we just doomed? If governments can't or won't hold oil companies responsible, who can?

      📷 US Navy / Getty Images - Source

    • If governments can't or won't hold oil companies responsible, who can?

      Let me just fix that last sentence: If governments consisting of "unabashedly pro-corporate Republicans" and "nominally liberal but corporation-sponsored Democrats" can't or won't hold oil companies responsible, who can?

      The Obama administration did try to cut back on offshore drilling. Maybe if they'd played up scenarios like this one more, they could have advanced those policies further. But then, the following administration… 🙄

    • I worked in oil, gas, & environmental for 10 years as a geophysicist and left my degrees, career, and home behind over cases like this. Unfortunately, it's a very small tip of a massive iceberg.

      Partly I left for the excitement of the computer industry, partly to not spend the rest of my life mired in depressing situations like these. Sometimes I feel like I shirked an important responsibility: someone has to deal with these situations and you don't get rich, have fun, or gain social media followers by doing so. You make many enemies.

      During my time in tech in Silicon Valley, which gets so much glory for building things like phones, I shake my head in wonder about how much harder the building of offshore platforms was than anything I've been involved in since. Imagine the floating platforms in the North Sea which must maintain their position in the midst of 100-foot seas and winds over 100 mph while keeping a crew of more than 100 safe and somehow not leaking oil.

      What the public also doesn't know about are leaks of toxic chemicals into our water table from semiconductor manufacturing, etc. 😢 They end up in our oceans too.

    • Political donations by the rich has far too big an influence over both parties. Until something is done about that I don't see things getting all that much better. Voters choices are simply too limited. I guess voters will have to focus on politicians further down the chain.