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    • I produced the track, and I made it for this particular project. I knew it was going to be one of the singles. It’s a pretty simple beat, and even though it is, it still packs a punch. The bass, the kick drums, it really stands out. We all wrote our verses in different spaces, I just threw out the concept of this is what I’m looking for, and then as everybody finished their verses, I sent everyone’s verses to all the artists so everyone could get a sense of how everyone sounds. So with all of the tracks, I did demo sessions, so we could get a feel for the sound or whatever. So we did that. And then the music video was awesome. We shot it an hour outside the city. We had the whole space to ourselves. It was a beautiful environment, it was so fun, it felt like friends making creative things together. We had makeup artists, stylists, our director Briana Clearly,  she was definitely our hype man throughout the whole thing, yelling YES YES! Directing us as she does. She kept the energy going. She had the personality where if something bad happens she wouldn’t back down. She was calm, cool, and collected. “The show must go on.” Instead of worrying, she was saying “We just gotta do this video.” This is why I asked her to do the second video, and we pretty much had the same crew for both videos. We switched out a few people for both videos, but I kept the same crew. It was a fun set.