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    • Well, how has being a woman emcee stifled you? Have you felt like you haven’t been granted the opportunities you want to get because you’re a woman? But I didn’t want to have too many interludes. Originally there were only supposed to be 3 but we ended up with 4, because one of them was the “No women = no hiphop” interlude. That interlude, and the person who was speaking was ang13, and the question I asked for everyone at the end was “What do you see for the future of women in hiphop?” And ang13 went into a whole tangent, she didn’t even want to say what she wanted to see for women in hiphop. She was saying if it wasn’t for women, there would BE no hiphop. I never knew that DJ Kool Herc’s sister was the reason that there’s hiphop. All of the women on the interludes, they are all artists that have been in the game for 20+ years. I learned a lot from just speaking with them. But especially for the “No women = no hiphop” interlude. It would have made the “Future is Female” interlude super long, so I had to make it by itself, because I felt like people HAD to hear this especially. It’s almost controversial, the way that she’s saying it! “We’ve been here, we raised them, and they still disrespect us.” SO powerful.

      I will say that a friend and I have kickstarted a documentary about Chicago women in hiphop. We’ve been compiling footage. I knew when my friend asked me to do this documentary with him, it was perfect timing, because I was already doing the Synergy album. So I asked them these questions that would be useful for the album and the documentary as well. So some of the things that you’ll hear in the interludes will be used in the documentary as well. It’s something we are putting together, we don’t have a release for it yet. We are collecting interviews.