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    • Sometimes I stay up really late at night! But I just do whatever the priority is. For example, Synergy the project has been a priority, so I worked on it the most. But sometimes I have video gigs where there’s a certain deadline, so I have to be conscious of those things. It’s based on the priority and how time sensitive it is. But typically I just go with it - I need to do this or that. Sometimes I create a to do list and go from there. Every day, the night before, I’ll tackle these things, but I don’t have a certain time schedule of when I should do it. Art, especially with music - my film and photography, people hire me to do that. But to write music, I have to do that on my own time, and whenever I’m inspired at that time, then I’ll make a beat, or write some lyrics. So I’ll just go with the flow. Sometimes it takes my sleep. But I’m excited to do what I’m doing. Last night I was remaking a beat that I made on Synergy to show people how I created it, and I stayed up until 3 AM, to make that video.