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    • Yes. With the songs, and this could pertain to all of the music, I didn’t have anything to do with the concepts. So Jade the Ivy kickstarted the concept for “Under Pressure,” and all I can remember was her saying “I want it to be like what if we were on a bridge where there’s fire underneath.” She recorded her demo. I had found some beats from women producers, so I had a catalog of instruments and beats, so I had each artist pick out the instrumental and beat they liked best for their “feature song.” So Jade the Ivy, she liked this particular track, “Under Pressure.” And the other artist featured, Sauda Muse, she liked several instrumentals, but this was another one she liked, so I felt that Sauda Muse and Jade the Ivy had a similar vibe. Their voices, very relaxed, laid back. And so I placed them together to work on the song together. So Jade the Ivy created the concept of being under pressure, on a bridge with fire underneath. It went from there, with Jade the Ivy writing out her part, presenting it to Sauda Muse. These artists had never worked with each other or met each other before, so I made sure they had time to write and meet. And Sauda Muse pretty much wrote her stuff on the spot. It took her a minute, but then we did the demo session that day, and that’s how it happened. We ended up re-recording it later on in the summertime. I pretty much provided the beat, and they just took it and made it how they wanted to make it. I didn’t necessarily have a plan on how people should conceptualize a song, as it was all a collaboration. I provided the beat, and they would go off how they wanted to go with it.