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    • I found them through knowing them personally - the art scene in Chicago is tiny. I’ve done some social media outreach. For our producers, because I feel like the producers were tough to find, women producers, so I put out posts like “I’m looking for producers, please submit your work, it’s paid” and people were tagging their friends. One woman, she’s been following my work since I was doing video blogs, and she has been following me since 2009. And I never knew that she was a supporter or anything like that. And she submitted some music. And she is the person who produced the Interludes for the album. She’s the only one that isn’t based in Chicago, but she has been a part of the team for a long time. So you have someone who’s been following me who makes beats. There’s another person I found through social media that someone tagged me to. Our engineer was a referral from someone who works on the project. The filmmakers I knew some of them personally from working with them onset. And a few others I just did on Facebook “I need someone who’s a gaffer or cinematographer or editor.” So people just gave me information. And then once they got onboard, they said they knew a person who could help be a grip or help with set design. So it grew from there, from crew members who knew they had someone else who could be a part of that. The power of referrals, of social media. And this was all female. And that’s what I wanted to challenge with this project - because not only is hiphop a male dominated genre, so is film. So I wanted to challenge myself to make it all women-created. It’s hard to find people in these realms, even though they exist, they are there. So it’s like - let’s pull EVERYBODY up, not just from the music aspect. 

      We had a screening for the music videos before we dropped them online, and someone asked a similar question. And I remember the producer, her name was Kenyetta Johnson, said "It's important to keep your relationships, to just keep in touch. You just never know what those connections could do for you later on. It's important you're always on your A-game, because you never know who's watching, where it could lead to further opportunities." So that's why I chose Kenyetta, we were onset together before.