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    • It took all the people who believed in it. All the artists who were involved - from the producers to the artists, the performers - just to have them stick around for so long. It started in early 2017, before I got the WeWork Creator Award - I said “Hey, I’m doing this album, I don’t know how we’re going about it, or how we’re going to compensate,” all the way up to now, march 2019, so have some of the same people stick around. We’ve had changes throughout this whole process, we had new artists who jumped onboard, but to have people who believed in the project, that helped start it. But also the WeWork Creator Award helped it a lot. I didn’t know how I was going to pull it off. And I was able to use that funding to get materials, and to compensate the artists and to do the videos, supporting filmmakers. Everyone who played a part helped this project get off the ground. I could have done it with no money, but just to know I can help others, that means a lot to me. There’s a few artists that never did a music video before, or done one to the caliber that we did, with a 20 person film crew, so it felt super-professional. We had someone doing behind the scenes photography. We had assistants. It felt like a real film set. And some of the artists may have come from a 1 or 2 person crew. So I felt like a lot of people felt more supported, on a bigger platform.