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    • Prior to that, I've always been into music, and curious about how music was made. Even just holding a video camera when my grandparents had one, I was interested. But I didn’t see a career in it. I thought as a kid that I needed to be signed to a major label, I didn’t think I could grab the tools myself. And my cousin introduced me to music production software called Frootyloops (now known as FL studio), which lit my excitement. I realized “I CAN do this, I can grab these tools.” And it took off from there. It came from being a kid who was curious about music being made, lyrics, and now having those resources. And around the same time, they opened up a digital photograph class in high school, and then I started taking broadcast journalism, and that was the start of being 1/3 Emcee, 1/3 filmmaker, 1/3 photographer - it started with my cousin giving me that resource.