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    • Just the fact that we’re from here. We come from, at least in my perspective, Chicago sometimes can be very cliquey. Everyone has their own little circle, their own little bubble, people can only support some people, or maybe those who have more clout or fame. We wanted to change that. I wanted to bring people from different places. These are people I’ve never collaborated with that are from Chicago that I’ve been seeing around for years. So that definitely played a part. But also I feel like the women on the Interludes, they are definitely the essence of Chicago. I agree with what they are saying. Chicago IS tough. And I still feel like this project hasn’t gotten all the love yet that I would like it to - we could have our arms folded, asking how is this person important, we can be tough on each other - you need people to tell you the truth about your music or the work you’re doing. But I feel like definitely - one of our artists, Tweak’g, she was very honest, and with being a part of this project, she was like “yo, we may need to go with another engineer.” Or “I have a problem with this.” She is so Chicago, you know? The personality. She’s very strong in how she feels. And so I love that. And I want to make sure in our two singles, Synergy Cypher Part 1 and Synergy Cypher Part 2, I wanted to make sure because it’s a Chicago-based album, I wanted the artists to tell the audience how Chicago has impacted them. What makes Chicago different than everywhere else. I made sure a majority of us could talk about Chicago. One person, Jade the Ivy, she talked about the city’s landscape, and I talked about the city’s landscape as well. The Sears Tower, the Lake Front. I think just Chicago’s an amazing place. Sometimes we have our downs, we have our ups, but I feel like we’re especially known for our music. I feel like Chicago’s a place to be. I’m always naming people - Earth Wind and Fire, Twista, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Common, Noname there’s so many people from the city. We do set the trends. We have so many artistic people from this city.