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      Justification is a form of conclusion, which is a dead.

      Justification is your belief of why you are living. But it changes through time and circumstances. For example if you had a life changing event such as an accident or fortune, it will change your justification. You might find a completely different reason for living and maybe even a new calling to help others.

    • I wrote a post a few days ago and deleted it. My view on existence might be considered to personal or abnormal. I let fear delete it. I’ll see if this one survives the posting. I don’t justify my existence because I don’t care about it. I look at my existence as such a blink in time that it does not matter. This seems contradictory to what I am about to write because from the earliest of age I thought there was reason and purpose for my being here and believed I was put here to make a difference. I believed this feeling came from a higher power and was not driven by an inflated sense of self.

      So while I don’t care that I am here and have a realistic view of my mortality I have no fear of it and could really care less if the end were tomorrow or fifty years in the future. So there is no justification for it. It kinda seems foreign to justify it. Like how is that blade of grass justified? How is a flea justified? Really not in my realm of care.

      What I do have is a curiousity for a reason that I exist and energy to pursue that curiousity which I am very thankful for. I also have pursued and found what I love to do so I simply must love harder in my work my relationships and my pursuit of purpose. The curiosity for what each day brings drives what you might say is a justification. This feeling that my direction comes from a higher power and that I am here to make a difference also drives my interactions with my fellow humans. I want them to achieve their purpose and want to contribute so I try to stay out of their way and try to contribute if even for a smile. Maybe another justification?

      Certainly from the time we struck that first flint and rolled that first wheel we wondered why we are here. It seems we have steadily improved our collective with this curiousity.

      I’m going with faith, hope and love. With the greatest of these being love.

      Below is Betty kissing her husband at their recent 52 wedding anniversary. On left and right are their two sons with their wives at their sides. I zoomed in real close to the sons eyes. I see love. Betty died today. She was amazing. Her curiousity for each day was motivating and inspiring.

      So was her love.