Model Brenda looking  sharp for our winter catalog shoot.  She is wearing a beige sweater dress with a tan lamb's wool winter hat.  This trendy look is complemented by her long flowing blond hair.


Two studio lights, left/right, on white background, 7 inch reflectors, .5 stops over front lighting.

Two strip lights, left/right and behind model pointing at her sides, intensity equal to front lighting.

Overhead 24" x 36" soft box, 1 stop over front lighting.

Two extreme silver PLM 86" umbrellas with diffusion sock, left/right at front, set equal distance from model, 45 degrees to model


Model/Wardrobe: Brenda Lysiane 

Sheep Skin Hat Designer: Cheryl Elms

Makeup/Hair:  Priscilia Bustos

Studio Owner/Photographer's Assistant:  Monica Smith
Juju Smith   / jujufotofactory 

Photographer:  Paul Johnston