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    • Just upgraded to the Sketch 49 and saw a whole new world of Prototyping built right in! For the last 2 years I have been using Principle for Mac which is great for quick animations that don't require overly complex events and triggers.

      In fact, most of the early design of Cake was created directly in Principle from Sketch mockups. I found recreating elements in Principle, though laborious, allowed for a lot of flexibility and quicker iterations. We used this prototype to get aligned on what we were building and test new concepts.

      Later we used this prototype to test user testing and presentations. To many it felt like a real thing and we had to remind people that this was just a prototype and a lot of interactions were pre-scripted.

      Now that the newest version of Sketch App introduced the prototyping right inside the app, I wonder if I'll be saying goodbye to Principle soon? In the article it sounds like it is pretty robust with many more improvements to come. So I'm curious if anyone has used it for real projects that are more than just simple hotspots linked together?

    • I like it.

      Our team uses Invision which has a Sketch plugin they branded as Craft to supply the same functionality. Craft does most of it better, but I’m trying to move away from the Invision ecosystem (another post) and would rather roll with the native Sketch tools as the simplicity of their feature gives just enough. I use the Sketch proto stuff for personal. 😁

      The emphasis is on quick and social for our team (~10 designers). I like both for solving the problem in a similar way. Sadly, it gets annoying having both available and using shortcut keys.

      I use Principle more for specific interactions where I need more control than the prototype tools provide. With the scale of our team, Invision allowed for better engagement and tracking of those conversations and quick interaction work with little effort.

      @coffee, I’m with you, I’ve been investgating on having our Sketch symbols/components spit out React code—the reverse of what AirBnB is doing.

    • Got an invite to InVision Studio a few weeks ago, but haven't used it yet.The Demo Reel on YouTube is amazing, but as with any product it looks a lot simpler when someone else demos it to you than it actually is.

      Has anyone tried the InVision Studio yet? Long time ago we used to use InVision products in our design process. We've moved on to just using Sketch Files and Principle so the cost of switching over is high for us. Is it worth it?

    • Meh. It’s got power, but like you said...Slicker in demo mode. Its a nice tool, but I perfer Sketch. Studio is the tipping point for me—Invision is trying to be all the things! Plus costs are high.