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    •  I think as an entrepreneur one of the things you face is a constant sense of uncertainty. The work is never done. You’re always trying to grow the business while also building a solid foundation for it to grow upon. Funding is something entrepreneurs are always thinking about, but also thinking about the most efficient way to grow with whatever funding you have access to. In terms of challenges – for me a big one is how do you get everyone focused and moving in the right direction when your concept is constantly evolving?

       Building a product that can scale with users who have differing needs – is definitely a challenge. At Credible – the challenge was building a product that can meet the needs of consumers with different credit profiles. At Curated we’re focusing on how different-sized companies at different stages of growth can outsource similar needs. Looking for the ‘constant’ is definitely a challenge in any evolving market.

       The solution you think might be simple often turns out to be much more complex – but this is what provides an opportunity to build barriers to entry if you solve it faster and better than anyone else.