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    • I think one of the most effective ways for companies to get access to early users is to give away something of value that you may eventually charge for, but that people can see is of real benefit that can’t be sourced anywhere else. With some of our early users we spent extra time walking them through the Curated process, giving them the opportunity to use the product without cost so they could experience the benefits. And that’s a great method for any business - giving people the chance to try before they buy.

       Because we consider the future of work to be “Human-tech,” relationships are an important component of what we do.  Traditional freelance platforms have catered lower-value work, whereas Curated is trusted with more complex, high-value projects. While we use technology to build in efficiencies, a key strength of our model and what drives repeat use in the business is the human reference that a “Curator” provides. This applies to both clients and our community of pre-vetted teams.  It’s about building trust, particularly when you are dealing with companies’ most important projects. So that’s how I think we’ve been able to work with some great companies.